Man Utd in Mayfair move – others to follow?

News that Manchester United is to transfer it’s London based
commercial operations team from St James’s to Mayfair got us thinking
at Bray Fox Smith.

The Red Devils may be one of the world’s sporting super brands but we
think that other clubs should be based in “the smoke” too. London is
a global cultural and financial centre and attracts foreign investment
from every corner of the world. There are more investment marketing
boutiques here than any other UK city so why not try to tap in to that
rich vein. Similarly the capital has a plethora of branding and sports

Clubs may not need to take high quality offices such as the rumoured
ones in Stratton Street that the Glasers’ lackeys will be camped in
but wouldn’t it be easier to get potential investors round a table in
Mayfair than to your boardroom in Grimsby.

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